From the origins... A look to the future


Awareness of respect for our planet has always been a challenge, a responsibility and the perspective through which we look to the future.

The photovoltaic system with a power of 450 Kw/h installed above the production plant has been designed to power the entire production line.

Attention to eco-sustainability

Isokit has introduced eco-sustainable materials into its production, collaborating with some suppliers on circular economy projects in order to reuse waste materials, with a consequent improvement in product quality, both in terms of environmental sustainability and in terms of insulating capacity.


250 kw/h



We have already successfully launched isothermal installations on the European market with solar panels on the roof that feed the zero-emission refrigeration system. We have presented and already tested our aerodynamic equipment on the market which, in addition to an innovative design, guarantees a reduction in the aerodynamic resistance coefficient. Complete with front spoiler to deflect the air flow and rear aerodynamic laminar profile. The data from the tests conducted at the Faculty of Engineering in Padua confirm a 10% saving on fuel consumption.

The attention for the future is now focused on the creation of new outfits to be proposed on full electric vehicles both for last mile distribution in historic centers and for large-scale distribution.